An Ode To DOT Dahlings

One of the highlights of any Fashion Designer’s career (at least for me) is when you see  everyday people wearing your designs in their own unique way, and giving you a new perspective on the brand, styling and design. Our DOT Dahlings as we call our customers have got attitude and style for days, and 


Everytime I visit the leather market in Lagos (Mushin market ) and see young leather designers bargaining with the traders,  I remember with nostalgia my first time buying leather there. When I started designing leather products (some many moons ago), I left the sourcing of the leather, hardware, and other paraphernalia in the hands of the

DOT Orange Box of Love

  Our biggest treasures are not those things we get for ourselves, instead they are those things we receive, as rewards, and especially as gifts. You may have an ostentatious item and still give it out, but you would find it quite difficult to give out a gift, because it feels like you are not
The best and arguably the most attractive combination you can ever get is Beauty, Brains and Class. It takes a lot to find all of these in one person, but our generation is graced with so many, and we at DOT have found one. Definitely has to be, one of our top #DOTMOMENTS in 2017,